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Biography – Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett was born on 17 August 1786. He was a folk hero, soldier, politician, American representative. 

He was also an active participant in the Texas Movement. He gained a reputation for his hunting & storytelling.

Davy was born in a pioneer family living on the Nolichucky River in East Tennessee. He had become Militia of Lawrence county.


He got elected for the Tennessee state legislature in 1821. he was elected for U.S. congress in 1827. There he opposed the decision of President Andrew Jackson a lot. Due to this factor only he got defeated in the 1831 election but also got re-elected in 1833. He took part in Texas Revolution in early 1836 but his death got in the battle of Alamo in march.

His journey


Crocketts were of Huguenots ancestors & had settled to Ireland before settling to America. The earliest ancestor of the family was Gabriel Gustave de Crocketagne. His son was Antoine de Saussure Peronette de Crocketagne.

He married Louise de Saix & then migrated to Ireland. They changed their family name as Crocketts. Their son Joseph Louis married Sarah & both migrated to New York, America where they had given birth to David & he married Elizabeth Hedge. They were having seven children among them their one of the children John was the father of David Crockett.

                                                                                    John married Rebecca Hawkins in 1780. From them David took birth. David was the fifth child of them among nine. At the age of 8, john taught him the skills of shooting.

he used to give accompany to his older brother during hunting. At the age of 13, his father insisted to get admission to the school for studies. After some days only he fought a class bully & became very afraid to go back home due to punishment that he may get so he ran away from home & for more than two years he was uplifting his skills by working as a woodsman.

                                                                                     David came back home just before 16 years, at that time his father was under the debt of a man named John Canady. he helped his father to remove that debt by working under John & after that he started working for John. He married Mary Finley & the couple had two sons & daughters. When Mary died he married Elizabeth Patton, & the couple had two children. 


Andrew Jackson was appointed a major general of the Tennessee militia in 1802. The Fort Mims massacre occurred near mobile, Mississippi Territory. This became a huge reason for the Creek War. September 20 was the day when Davy left his house, family & became a member as a scout for an initial term of 90 days. He took an active part in the fight. He used to do hunting wild game for soldiers. He served there until December 24, 1813.

After the treaty of Fort Jackson in August 1814, Andrew Jackson wanted to eliminate British Forces from Spanish Florida so he asked support from the U.S. army i.e. Tennessee militia so Crockett again enlisted as the third sergeant under John Cowman on September 28, 1814. This time Davy was enlisted for six months as the third sergeant. His unit had done little actions because that time the small unit was focusing more on food packaging. Davy came home but he served there up to March 1815. He also hired a young man to fulfill all the requirements of the military instead of him.


After serving Tennessee Militia, he became a member of Tennessee state house of representative. He was active there from 1821 to 1823. In 1825, he took part to become a 19th U.S. representative but the result was lost. 

                                                                                        In 1826 he earned a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives because he was a supporter of Andrew Jackson. In march 1829 he became against Jackson & he again got elected for 21st Congress but again failed to win a seat in 22nd Congress. His journey does not end here as he got elected for 23rd congress & again got defeated for 24th congress. Now, this was the end of the journey.


This was the political career of Davy. He earned a lot of name & fame. He became a folk legend at that time. Despite knowing the fact that he was not educated & was a skilled woodman only he became famous as a hunter, Herculean, rebellious.

             He won the vote during political campaign & defeated popular opponent in 1833 to get re-elected to congress.


David Crockett’s fate was uncertain as he died in Alamo in mourning march 6, 1836 at age of 49. Some five to seven prisoners were carried to General Castrillon. Santa Anna was not in favor of Castrillon as he demanded the sudden execution of prisoners but many officials & Castrillon refused to fulfill this demand. Some soldiers who were not the part of battle drew out their sword & executed those unarmed Texians.

 Rumors & Controversies 

A Mexican officer named Josein 1975 English translation stated that Davy died in Alamo but he favored his veracity by saying “he died without complaining & without humiliating themselves before their torture”

                                                                                               Many questions were arising against the veracity of Davy, some scholars were also disagreeing over the same theory of Davy’s death. The result was the debate on his demise.


Many depictions for Crockett were going on for several decades in any media form. Many books, plays, almanac made over him during the 19th century.

                                                                                                        Again 1916 movie & 1950s Walt Disney TV series Disneyland made him popular during the 20th century. In the Disneyland series, actor Fess Parker had done his role. He became a true icon. Students were told about his works & the positive part of his characteristics.