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Desi Arnaz was born on March 2, 1917, in Cuba. His teenage life spends in the United States after he migrated there. Arnaz was a famous musician, actor & television producer. His childhood life was ordinary but his limelight started when he first got a role in 1939 Broadway Musical “Too Many Girls.” Along with acting career, he is also founder successful Latin music band ‘ Desi Arnaz Orchestra’. He was also the winner of award Golden Globe for Television Achievement in 1956. 


Desiderio Alberto Arnaz III was born on March 2, 1917, in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. He was born in a wealthy family where his father Desiderio Alberto Arnaz II was a politician. His wealthiness can be seen with his properties. His vacation mansion is situated on a private island. 

His comfortable life changed in 1933 when his father got arrested after the “Cuban Revolution” & he moved to Miami, Florida after the release of his father. He attended St. Patrick Catholic High School & Saint Leo Prep. 


His career was not only limited to one thing but too many things. His career was started with musical band Cugat’s orchestra. He was very hit there & after long work with them, he started his own band “Desi Arnaz Orchestra” in December 1937. It was starting off his career with huge success in America. 

Now after his life was taking a new path as he got an opportunity for an audition in Broadway Musical “Too Many Girls” & also went for a role in Hollywood. After that, his appearance seen in many films until world war ll. This war brought a break in his life & he started serving the “United Service Organization” in military hospital San Fernando Valley.


In 1950 Arnaz along with “Lucille Ball” established Desilu Productions. The name of this production was in the name of both “Arnaz” & “Lucille”. “Desi” in his name & “Lu” in name of “Lucille”. Aim of both was to take over the Ball’s CBS radio series “My Favorite Husband” that was on television.

This show became I Love Lucy

Arnaz’s efforts for the production of “I Love You” were very effective. This series hit the television for six years. Ball & Arnaz together worked a lot in upgrading the series every year. They tried a lot & finally took full ownership under them. 

This was a great show & also it was gaining many types of issues. Along with this series, his other series “The Ann Sothern Show” & ” Those Whitening Girls ” were also produced. 

His Desilu production was also involved in producing many other shows like “Star Trek”, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” & many more.

After some time Ball sold her shares & after that Arnaz decided to make his own new company called “Desi Arnaz Productions” & under the banner name of this company he produced “The Mothers-In-Law”.


Arnaz was married to Lucille Ball on November 30, 1940. Couples decided to open a production house & their Desilu Productions was established in 1950. Couples ended their relationship after a long time of twenty years in 1960. It was believed that Arnaz was a chain smoker who used to do the smoking onset of his productions. 

Arnaz was having two children with Lucille Ball namely Lucie Arnaz & Desi Arnaz Jr.

After his divorce, he got married to Edith & with her, he was living in California. 


He was nominated for the Emmy award for Best Situation Comedy Series in 1955. He had also won Emmy award for Best Comedy Series in 1953 & 1954.


He finally died in 1986 due to lung cancer.


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