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Dwane Douglas Johnson – Biography


Dwayne Johnson is an American actor producer and former wrestler in the WWE and many other federations. Dwayne with the ring name “The Rock” has been born in a professional wrestling family in 1972. He was a footballer at his college time but due to some injury, he left his football career and went to WWE to pursue his for the wrestling career. After pursuing his career in WWE for approximately 8 years he decided to pursue his career in the movies and he started doing Hollywood movies in Hollywood also touched the same sky height as of WWE Raw. Johnson touched a great height in Hollywood by doing a lot of big projects like Hobbs & show series, Fast and Furious series and many more movies with the leading role in them and making them Superhit. 

His successful movies have done the business of $3.5 billion dollars in North America and over $10.5 billion dollars worldwide making him one of the highest box office earning a star.


FAST FIVE (2011)

Fast Five launched in 2011 show the high gross sale in the cinemas as there were Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel who were against each other with the neck to neck fight. This made the whole movie very much blockbuster and through this movie, Fast and Furious series went on another demand.

Johnson also showed his lead role in other major series of Fast and Furious like Fast and Furious 6(2013) Furious 7(2015).


 Over the years Johnson has done blockbuster movies with his real acting and all of the good efforts. In addition to action movies, he has also pursued his acting career in some of the video game movies. One such videogame movie of his was Rampage. In this movie, Johnson was teamed with his friend Gorilla and both were fighting against the crocodile & wolf who were genetically enhanced mammoths. The main aim of the movie was that Johnson and his friend Gorilla were saving Chicago from them. This was a very fun movie that showed high selling rates in Cinemas showing how much his efforts made happy to his fans.


 Dwayne Johnson came again before his fans with a new movie Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle. This movie was not only an action movie but instead a combination of fun, adventure, and action all but not in the real world and it was in the gaming world. This movie was something different for the fans of Johnson as compared to the other movies who are Real-world. Other main characters who were playing the lead roles along with Johnson were Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan.


 Rock has shown that he is a perfect man again when comes to his recognizable voices as he has done his role in Moana that was a Disney animated film. This was a reliably very much successful movie showing that Johnson is an all-rounder with his success in wrestling career, acting career, football career also.

His recently released Hobbs and Shaw was an again movie of Fast and Furious series. 

His other movies are  Baywatch,  The other guys, Fighting with my family, Central Intelligence, Pain and Gain, Snitch and many more.


Johnson’s father Rocky Johnson was from Nova scotia and he was a part of the first Black Tag Team Championship in WWE. He was champion with Tony atlas.  

In August 2019 Johnson and his girlfriend singer/music producer Lauren hashing changed their relationship from boyfriend-girlfriend relationship to husband-wife relationship. The two couples have two daughters Jasmine Lia born in December 2015 and Tiana Gia born in April 2018. Johnson also has third daughter Simone Alexander but this daughter was from his first wife  Dany Garcia.


➡️He started playing football at Freedom High School. In that school, he used to take part in many other fields and wrestling games. He was a very good player in football.

➡️In 1996 in his tryout matches he won against “The Brooklyn Brawler” but lost to “Chris Candido”, this match he got with the help of “Pat Peterson”.

➡️In starting he was doing wrestling with his real name but he changed it to “Flex Kavana”  in the “The United States Wrestling Association”.

➡️In WWF his career started under the name of “Rocky Maivia” but he was not liking it. 
➡️In 2007 he got enlisted in Guinness World Record as the highest-paid actor for the deputed film in which he got $5.5 million for that leading role.

➡️In the fifth movie Fast and Furious, he with the company of Vin Diesel crossed $86 million in the opening weekend. This was the biggest opening in his career as well as was the biggest opening for the movie franchise also.

➡️Johnson played the character of a roadblock in his movie “G.I. Joe Retaliation” in 2013, he is the second WWF star to play the role of Jo in a movie. The first one who played the role of Jo was Robert Remus

➡️He founded the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation for the betterment of ill children in the year 2006.

➡️He was named as top-grossing actors of the year by Forbes in December 2013. According to Forbes, this achievement he has got is through “Fast and Furious 6”.


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