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Steve Irvin


Steve Irvin was an Australian animal enthusiast. He was born on February 22, 1962. Melbourne, Australia. Steve Irvin was born To Bob Irwine and Lyn. Both of his parents were in the job of owning a wildlife Park. He became very enthusiast with animals, reptiles from a very young age. Steve Irvin got famous from the television series the Crocodile Hunter which was an internationally broadcast wildlife documentary series that he co-hosted along with his wife Terri.


Irwin was born on his mother’s birthday in Melbourne. He moved to Queensland in 1970 along with parents. There he attended Landsborough states school and Caloundra State High School. Irwin’s father was wildlife expert and his mother was wildlife rehabilitator. Being the child of animal-loving couples he also started loving mammals, reptiles and different types of other creatures at a very young age.

His involvement was with his father in his father’s Park from a very young age. He was involved in different types of ways like animal feeding, animal care, and other activities. On his 6th birthday, he got python as his birthday gift. At the age of 9 along with his father, he started handling and playing with a crocodile. 

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Irwine and Terri enjoyed their honeymoon trapping crocodiles together. Videos and photos of their honeymoon were taken by John Stainton. This film footage became the first episode of The Crocodile Hunter. This series debuted on the Australian TV screen in 1996 and this series was very much successful in more than 200 countries reaching 500 million peoples. Sir David Attenborough praised Irwin for introducing many to the natural world. 

Irwin dangerously encountered many animals in this series. This made the series very much interesting. All of the audiences often thought how tangling with snakes, spiders, lizards, and crocodiles can be done by any person but this was a very interesting adventure for him. He was a wildlife educator & animal enthusiast.


➡️In 1997 Irwin was on a trip on Coast of Queensland with his father there he discovered a new species of turtle. He named it “Irwin’s Turtle” after his family name.

➡️Irwin was awarded Centenary medal by the Australian government in 2001 for “Service to global conservation and to Australian tourism”.

➡️In 2004 he was recognized as “tourism export of the Year”.

➡️In 2015 he became the recipient of the “Queensland Greats award”.


Irwin was a Huge fan of cricket like all other  Australian people. Once he visited Sri Lanka and he played cricket there with local children he said that he like cricket very much.

Born in he was a fan of  Essendon bombers an Australian rules Football Club in the Australian football league. He also took part in Australian rules football promotion in Los Angeles. After his death, a picture of him wearing a bombers Jersey was shown by ESPN in honor of him.

Along with all these games he was also a huge fan of Rugby League.


Irwin was drawing controversies and criticism again and again for his stunts with animals. Above all, he was an animal lover.

In 2004 his photo came in which he was feeding his son to a crocodile after all he was an animal lover. Many people criticized him for child endangerment but he never got arrested for that incident. After that, he stated that until and unless he is with his child no animal can harm his child. According to him, he was born in surrounding of animals so you also wanted his children to grow up in the same surrounding.


Steve Irwin on September 4, 2006, was on Batt Reef near Port Douglas, Queensland. He was taking part in the production of Ocean’s Deadliest, it was a documentary series. Irwin’s death took place there by a Stingray who pierced his heart causing him to bleed consequently he died. Irwin’s death was believed from an underwater creature Stingray.

The news of his death was very much depressing for many people. Prime Minister John Howard stated that the nation has lost a wonderful and colorful boy. Many people took mourn for him.

Irwin was an animal lover, he has done a lot of contributions in the field of wildlife education. He was

also running an organization to protect crocodiles and other animal creatures.  November 15 has been allotted as Steve Irwin’s day in honor of him.


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