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Kelendria Trene “Kelly” Rowland


Kelly Rowland

Kelendria Trene “Kelly” Rowland was born in Atlanta Georgia. she is now a very successful singer, songwriter, actress, television personality of America. She took birth on February 11, 1981. She is one of the founding members of R&B girl’s group Destiny’s child. She has written and played many albums in this group by selling over millions of copies. Instead of this she has also written and launched many solo albums. “Simply Deep” is her first solo album followed by “Ms. Kelly” and “Here I Am”. Her albums contain different types of genres like hip hop, soul, rock and dance.

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Rowland was born on February 11, 1981, in Atlanta, Georgia. She was born to Doris Rowland Garrison and Christopher Lovett. Her father Rowland Garrison was an alcoholic person. When she was 6 years old her mother left her father due to domestic abuse. 

In 1992 her mother made her join a girl’s group named “Girls Tyme”. It was a six-member group at starting. Rowland was very much excited after joining this group because she was very much interested in singing and acting from her starting age & she has got her inspiration from Whitney Houston. She used to sing-song in the church choir.

Arne Frager came to Houston to see the performance of the group. He was very much satisfied after watching the group’s performance. So he brought the group to “The Plant Recording Studio” in Northern California. Frager wanted to make the group debut in Star Search that was the biggest Talent show on National TV at that time. The group participated but didn’t manage to win.



In Texas, Rowland met Beyoncé Knowles. She became her friend & later Beyonce’s parents Mathew and Tina took the legal guardianship of Rowland. In 1993 the name of group Girl’s Tyme changed to Destiny’s Child where Kelly and Beyoncé together in the group started performing in schools, daycare centers and many other events around Houston and slowly their performance started gaining popularity. Kelly was performing for vocal strings in group & together they released many successful albums. 

Some albums list

1) In 1997 Destiny’s Child signed to Columbia Record & their debut song, there was “Killing Time” for the soundtrack of the film “Men In Black”.

2)In that same year group’s self-titled debut film “No, No, No” was released that made the winner of three Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards.

3) Their “The Writing’s on the Wall”, released album went multi-platinum.

After some years Kelly started working as a solo in different films, albums. Along with her many members also started working as a solo. 

After a long pause of the group again came together & released its new album “Destiny Fulfilled” in November 2004.

Group was doing many releasing many albums together but in 2002 after releasing “This is a Remix” group announced their formal break-up in order to perform solo projects but the group used to perform on some occasional times together as like November 2004.


In 2002 after the break up of group Kelly released her debut solo album “Simply Deep” followed by “Ms. Kelly” (in 2007). Her first album was at the top in popularity for two months and the second album “Ms.Kelly”  managed to gain six positions on Billboard 200.

In April 2009 she came into the role in “When Love Takes Over”. This David Guetta’s single topped the European market at that time with selling of over millions of copies by receiving a Grammy Award Nomination for Best Dance Recording.


In August 2003 her dream of working in a movie came true with her movie debut in  “Freddy vs. Jason” in the supporting role of Kia Waterson. This became a highly popular hit movie with an estimated earning of $114 million in the box office.

Her role on the big screen again came with a lead role in the movie “The Seat Filler”. This was a romantic comedy movie that hit the number eight on the box office of top twenty & with a gross selling of $10 million.

Her presence on television is everywhere. Not only in the form of actress & singer but as a form of the judge also. She had been appointed as Judge on eight editions of X-Factor which is a British music competition series show.


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